Reject Jails, Support Investment – Turn out to City Hall!

On December 1st, the SF Board of Supervisors will review a series of proposals put forth by the city’s work group on alternatives to the jail at 850 Bryant. Though we successfully advanced recommendations of bail reform, supportive housing, and services within the workgroup on alternatives, we will need to keep up the pressure in order to move the city away from its reliance on jails.

The jail was originally defeated due to strong community mobilization. We need you to turn out to the Board of Supervisors on December 1st so that the Supervisors see that San Francisco continues to believe in supporting community investments, despite the direction the federal government may be moving in. Check out our new flyer to learn more about some of the proposals to the Supervisors.

We must stay vigilant against efforts to re-entrench jailing and policing as solutions to unmet needs in our communities. The Sheriff continues to lobby for new jail construction in San Francisco and the District Attorney is pushing for a mental health center with locked areas and operated primarily by the Sheriff. Meanwhile the city is continuing to grow it’s jail population as well as the number of cops on the streets, instead of investing in tried and true community based measures such as diversion, bail reform, and supportive services in community.

Help us continue to ensure No New Jails in San Francisco!
Thursday December 1st at 9:30am
SF City Hall, Board of Supervisors Chambers

See you there!

In solidarity,
The No New SF Jail Coalition

Our work continues…

Together we defeated a proposed jail in San Francisco. Let’s more towards closing 850 Bryant now and creating the policies and resources we need in community to make that a reality. Stay informed of updates by checking the “news and actions” to the right.


No New SF Jail Coalition Celebrates December 15th Victory on the Steps of City Hall

We are a coalition of SF Bay Area organizations and community members committed to stopping a proposed new jail from being constructed in SF. Visit the Why No SF Jail page to learn more about our collective fight.

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