Oct 12th: Oppose Locked Mental Health Facility & Propose Alternatives

Press Conference: Oppose Locked Mental Health Facility & Propose Alternatives
Press Conference on Wednesday Oct 12 at 10am
SF City Hall, Civic Center, Polk Street Steps

WHY: Last year we successfully defeated the jail proposal. Now the No New SF Jail coalition has been focused on making sure that SF does not move in a direction of building a jail, or anything that resembles a jail. The District Attorney’s office, as you can imagine, has a different plan focused on mental health – basically a mental health jail. We must stop the District Attorney from advancing this carceral plan and ensure the Supervisors support community based resources and services instead.

Because the Supervisors will be hearing alternative proposals soon, we want to make sure they listen to community and not the DA. The coalition will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, October 12th to push back against the DA’s plan and uplift ours.

Our work continues…

Together we defeated a proposed jail in San Francisco. Let’s more towards closing 850 Bryant now and creating the policies and resources we need in community to make that a reality. Stay informed of updates by checking the “news and actions” to the right.


No New SF Jail Coalition Celebrates December 15th Victory on the Steps of City Hall

We are a coalition of SF Bay Area organizations and community members committed to stopping a proposed new jail from being constructed in SF. Visit the Why No SF Jail page to learn more about our collective fight.

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